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    FECHNERSTR. # 11 – 10717 BERLIN

The idea for Coolcoconuts was born in the hot & humid abyss of the brazilian jungle, where the artist was bound to swing in a hammock for weeks considering the best flake job for a Cadillac. Realising that there are way to many flake-o- ways but only one Caddy, he found peace of mind by watching Coconuts dropping off the sky high palm trees. Considering the idea of flaking Coconuts lighted up the idea of polishing them. That´s how he created the first Coolcoconut, called the Big Brazilian Bowl.

Brasil Casket

 The Big Brazilian Bowl

Back home in the cold & concrete jungle of civilised world he started extracting the creative potential that lies hidden in every single fruit.  Due to the fact that each Coconut contains a unique personality by displaying different shapes, texture, thickness of the body, surface structure etc, the main issue of the artist is to find what makes the nut looks the nuttiest.



After years of practise & stiring the clear a very versatile collection of caskets, halfbowls, footballs, Makakonuts and even Pickelhauben is helping you now to surprise your loved ones with a charming Bday present, a unique wedding ring container or a Valentines Day flower storage ( if it´s a small flower ) . Or it will for sure make your livingroom an impressing eyecatcher for all your beloved sophisticated Art collector  & Tiki friends of international Jetset.

Ruby small
Ruby small

Egg Nogg


As the Coco-gospel spread around the world international fame & request started growing – that is why we decided to create this site for you.  Now the time of dispair & waiting is over and you can choose your nut from the Collection below. Some of the Artwork shown above is not available anymore. But there are still new editions to come. So you better stay tuned….



Capri Nut

         Brause Paul